Pics: Military of Montenegro Opens Exercise ‘Odlucan Korak’

27 09 2011

View more pictures here: Military of Montenegro Picasa Album


Croatian Airforce Completes EU Nordic Battle Group Training

12 03 2011

Source: MORH

A three-day training of surviving of members of the Croatian Armed Forces participating in the EU Nordic battle group completed today, March 10, in the Lucko barracks.

The course was conducted by instructors from the Swedish Air Force, and the participants were members of the multi-role helicopter squadron of the 91st Air Force Base, medical team and a national support element of the Support Command, and members of the Special Operations Battalion (BSD).

Topics of the course were the harmonization of standard operating procedures in the event of an aircraft crash on enemy territory with the aim of survival and rescue of crew members and passengers.

The course leader Major Jörgen Erixon expressed his satisfaction with the organization of the course, and the interest and active participation of CAF members. The course was successfully completed by 31 participants.

Janes Defence Weekly Features B-52 NORA Self-Propelled Artillery

12 03 2011

British military magazine “Jane’s Defence Weekly” published fairly lengthy article dedicated to the resurgent Serbian defence industry. Featured in the article were Serbia’s newly developed NORA B-52 self-propelled howitzer, the “Lazar” armored personnel carrier and “Alas” missiles.

Some facts featured by Janes regarding the the B-52 NORA

  • Equipped with 36 – 155mm projectiles
  • Automatic charging system ensuring high rate of fire.
  • Maximum range of up to 41.2 kilometers.
  • Future ammunition for the NORA will reach 65 kilometers and a laser-guided projectiles.
  • The NOR B-52 only takes a minute to deploy greatly increasing the chances of avoiding return fire from the enemy.
  • Includes computerized control system and GPS.
  • Crew and weapons are protected by armor providing protection from small caliber bullets, shrapnel and mines.
  • Combat weight of 34 tons
  • 410 horsepower diesel engine with maximum speed of 80 kph and an operating range of up to 1000 kilometers.

Croatian CANADAIR CL-415 Fight Fires Near Zadar

8 03 2011

Source: OSRH

On 3rd March 2011 Croatian Canadair CL-415’s from the 93rd Air Force and Air Defence Firefighting Squadron engaged in fire suppression activities near Smoković-Gornja Murvica in Zadar County.

Although the fire broke out in inaccessible terrain due to landmines left over from the 1990’s war, the Canadair waterbombers managed to put out the fire in a matter of hours. In February, the Croatian Firefighting Squadron participated in 16 fire suppression activities.

Croatian ISAF Troops Targeted By IEDs

8 03 2011

Source: MORH

On March 5th 2011, nine members of 16th Croatian ISAF contingent moving between two camps in the northern part of the country were targeted by an improvised explosive device (IED) placed along the road.

According to Croatian authorities, none of the members of the Croatian OMLT team were injured, nor did the IED damage the MRAP’s being used by the members of the Croatian Armed Forces in Afghanistan.

Protests in Kuwait Jepordize Serbia’s Military Industry Prospects

7 03 2011

As Kuwait’s Youth movement plans to protest at Safat Square in an aim to remove the Kuwaiti PM tomorrow, Serbia’s defence minister and military industry must be looking on nervously.

As the winds of the “Jasmine Revolution” sweep across Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Bahrain to reach the Kuwaiti capital – Serbia’s military industry and the hard work of its Defence Minister Dragan Sutanovac may be in jeopardy.

Over the last couple of years, Serbia and Kuwait have reached a number of agreements regarding military cooperation, education and trade. Most notably, Serbian construction firms are hoping to build a military hospital in Kuwait and to overhaul Kuwait’s M-84 Main Battle Tanks that were sold to Kuwait by the Former-Yugoslavia.

Eurofighter Typhoon Set to be Serbia’s New Fighter?

7 03 2011

TangoSixBlog reports that the Eurofighter Typhoon has been put on the “extended wish list Serbian Air Force and unofficially placed on the upper part of the list.”

Back in June of 2010, Flight Global reported that Serbian officials were interested in the Eurofighter as it looked at possible candidates for a domestic fighter requirement likely to total around 20 aircraft.

In the Tango Six reports, it looks as if this interest is and “wish list” is currently being staffed up through the Serbian Air Force Command for further analysis by other departments in one of Serbia’s largest public procurement’s in history.

This is an interesting development as it came out at the same time that:

1. The UK announced that it would support Serbia’s EU membership ambitions by ratifying the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) between the EU and Serbia. and

2. The Serbian and UK General Staff’s met in Belgrade to work on bilateral cooperation between the Serbian Armed Forces and the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom.

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