First Look: Zastava Arms Newest Hunting Rifles

20 01 2010

In addition to releasing its newest military/police M07 sniper rifle (reported here), this week came word that the Kragujevac weapons manufacturer has also added two new Mauser action hunting rifles designated the LK M70 PSS & LK M808 to its already extensive civilian lineup.

LK M808

Lovacki Karabin (Hunting Carbine) M808 30-06 Spring. 8x 57 S .270 Win .243 Win and .308 Win

Click the thumb to see more of the LK M808


The Zastava M70 PSS is a stainless steel & polymer stock variant of the M70 Standard. According to the Zastava Arms site it looks like the rifle is only available in 30.06 Springfield.

Note: A model similar to the M70 (sans iron sight and with a laminate stock installed upon arrival to the US) was imported to the by Remington and designated as the Model 798.





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