Ammo: Prvi Partizan Back to Full Production Beginning of Feb, 2010

28 01 2010

 Shooters, reloaders, preppers & French colonialists rejoice!

via Sipsey Street Irregulars and a inquiring poster Prvi Partizan Užice (PPU-ППУ) is reported to be back online at full capacity the first week of Feb.

As it reads at Sipsey Street Irregulars blog:

Some of you may recall the deadly accident at the Prvi Partisan plant back in September.

TypeAy forwards this bit of good news from Prvi Partizan back in production.

Calfed writes: I recently sent an email to TRZ USA Trading Co., Prvi Partizan’s US importer for ammunition, inquiring about their efforts to restart small arms ammunition production after a devastating explosion and fire that occurred at the Prvi Partizan ammo plant in Serbia last September.

I received this reply today:

Dear Stephen,

Thank you for your email. We appreciate your concern. We have good news for you. The factory officially re-started production today, January 14th. In the beginning they will work at less than full capacity, but they plan on gradually increasing production. They expect to work at full capacity again in about 3 weeks.

Thanks, Zivko Satara

As most know Prvi Partizan (Serbian: First Partizan and pronounced: Prr-vee Parrti-zon) has been exporting affordable high-quality ammunition to North America and Australia (sold under the Highland AX brand) over the last number of years becoming one of the first manufacturer in decades to make available certain unusual and somewhat hard to find brass and cartridges which include:

 7.92x33mm Kurz cartridge used in the StG 44 rifle,
7.65×53 Belgian/Argentine Mauser cartridge,  
and the French 8x50mm Lebel


PPU should revert its name back to its pre-communist name to Fabrika Oruzja i Municije Uzice (FOMU) (English: Arms and Ammunition Factory – Uzice)



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