Serbia Officially Displays New M-10 Digital Pattern

24 09 2010

BalkanMonitor is back from a long hiatus and prompted by new developments in Serbia. I guess I’ll start with the probably the most interesting part.

The Serbian army has uveiled its newest uniforms and most importantly its new M-10 digital pattern BDUs during its annual promotion of new officers on Sept 11, 2010.

From my understanding this uniform is produced by the Serbian state-run firm JUMCO from Nish, Serbia and wikipedia says that the pattern was developed by Serbian Military Technical Institute where it is intended to adapt to the Serbian environment “from the air in all four seasons without snow cover”. The wikipedia entry also quotes that “The colors are very similar or same as Serbian trial version pattern M-03 (Crème, Brown, Black, Light and dark green).”

More pics of this new uniform can be found: on the Serbian Military thread at and on the AirSerbia forum.



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25 09 2010
Serbian Army Adopts New Camo Pattern « Soldier Systems

[…] to a report in, the Serbian Amy has adopted a new camo pattern called M-10. Unveiled during their annual promotion […]

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