Croatian AF Down 50% of Fighter Capability After Mid-Air Crash

27 09 2010

During the exercise of the Croatian Air Force and Air Defence on the military training ground “Eugen Kvaternik” near Slunj on 23 September 2010, at approximately 12.50 hours two Croatian AF MIG-21aircraft had a mid-air accident after which both crashed.

Some sources cite that this collision reduced the Croatian AF capability by 50% as they lost 2 of the 4 operational MiG fighters in their fleet. According to Croatia has a total of 12 MiG 21’s at their disposal.

The pilots from the 91st Croatian Air Force Base – Air Force and Air Defense Captain Igor Troselj and lieutenant Marijan Kudlik – pilots of aircraft MIG-21 (no. 108 and no. 120) ejected safely and sustained minor injuries.

Also according to the Croatian Ministry of Defence Sergeant 1st Class Vladimir Vincelj, NCO of the Support Command, was killed on the ground as a result of the accident.

Source: Croatian Ministry of Defence



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