„Krušik” – Valjevo to Market Sub-30K AT Rocket System – ‘Bumbar’ – Spring 2011

28 09 2010

The „Krušik” factory of Valjevo, Serbia will start the manufacturing of the ‘Bumbar’ (Serbian: Bumble Bee) AT system in spring 2011. The Serbian built Bumbar is a light anti-tank system for short to medium distances with one defining feature being that its able to be employed from within enclosed areas.

Krušik expects their new unit to cost customers 30,ooo Euro. Marketing the Bumbar as comparable, but three times cheaper, to other AT systems employed by France, Germany and Russia Krušic expects the Bumbar to compete with systems such as the Eryx and other Western systems, but at a far lesser price.

The General Director of „Krušik” Jovan Davidović stated that the development of the Bumbar AT system had been finalized after two decades of research and development by the Military Technical Institute and other military industries. (A nice way of saying that the systems development was delayed by the disintigration of Yugoslavia and the Civil War)

Today’s Krušic in Valjevo employ’s 1,500 persons and has hired 20 new engineers in 2010. Together with Yugoimport, Krusic expects to expand and rebuild its infrastructure destroyed during the 1999 NATO bombing.

Translated from Article

Article Source in Serbian: Pressonline.rs


Odbrana Article in Serbian



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