Balkan Media Roundup – Friday, October 1st 2010

1 10 2010

Serbia – Raska/Sandzak

Serbia’s Sandzak Becomes Balkans’ Latest Hot Spot – RFE
Tensions between separate Muslim communities in Novi Pazar could fuel further tensions between Muslims and ethnic Serbs in the region, where some Muslims insist that “Sandzak is not Serbia.”

Kosovo scenario won’t repeat in Sandžak – B92
Defense Minister Dragan Šutanovac said that any political struggle for Kosovo would be meaningless if Serbs left the province.

Sandzak is not Kosovo, EU diplomats insist –
Are problems in the Sandzak region spiralling out of control like the Kosovo issue did a decade ago, forcing the international community to get involved? The EU does not think so.

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Fears grow over spread of radical movement in Bosnia –
A recent deadly attack against a police station has raised fears in already ethnically-divided Bosnia about the spread of the radical Islamic Wahhabi movement there.

Kosovo & Metohija

Kfor soldiers involved in fuel smuggling in Kosovo –
Evidence is mounting that organised crime in Kosovo is not only domestic or regional but has an international dimension as well, involving those who are there to prevent criminal activities in the first place.

Czechs to withdraw from Kosovo by next summer – Czech News Agency (ČTK)
The Czech Republic will fully withdraw its troops from Kosovo by next summer if the situation there does not worsen, Defence Minister Alexandr Vondra said, while on a visit to the Czech KFOR mission Monday.

Man dies in Serb enclave with cut off phones – B92
The Health Center in the Serb enclave in Gračanica in Kosovo has announced that a patient died because he was unable to call an ambulance.

Church ceremony highlights complex Serbian-Kosovo ties – The Star Online
Serbian Orthodox Church and political leaders gather on Sunday to enthrone a new patriarch to guide a religion embodying the spirit of Serbia, but the once a generation ceremony will take place on foreign soil in Kosovo.



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