Montenegro Returns Two of Six G-4 Galeb Aircraft to Serbia

21 10 2010

PODGORICA – The Serbian Ministry of Defense and the Army of Serbia took back two of six G-4 Super-Galeb aircraft from Montenegro. The G-4 Super Galeb is a single engine, advanced jet trainer aircraft designed and built by Yugoslavia. It was first flown on 17 July 1978 with serial production beginning in 1982. It was designed to replace the G-2 Galeb and Lockheed T-33 in the Yugoslav Air Force.

Spokesman of the Serbian Ministry of Defence stated that the remaining four aircraft will be deliverd to the Serbian Ministry of Defense on November 5th 2010, if weather conditions remain satisfactory.

Latkovic said that the first two aircraft were taken by the Serbian Ministry of Defense and the pilots of the Army of Serbia. Prior to leaving for Batajnica, Serbia from Golubovci, Montenegro, a test flight was conducted along with a detailed technical review of both aircraft.

The six aircraft in question were part of arrangements made between Serbia and Montenegro regarding the sharing of resources and documentation between the two countries signed on the 14th of April in Belgrade.

This agreement relates to the exchange of six Super-Galeb – G4 aircraft and parts for the repair of helicopters MI-8 after Serbia and Montenegro split and became independent nations.

Source: Kurir



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