Serbia Takes Delivery of Two More Super Galeb trainers from Montenegro

27 10 2010

Burmese G-4 Super Galeb, seen before delivery at Mostar airfield in what is now Bosnia and Hercegovina. 1980's

Serbia’s air force has taken delivery of four Soko G4 Super Galeb advanced jet trainers from Montenegro, with a further two to be transferred soon.

Part of a 17-strong fleet left at Podgorica air base following the two states’ separation earlier this decade, the aircraft had been in dispute for nearly four years.

Under an agreement signed in April, Montenegro will exchange six G4s and some spare parts for the Mil Mi-8 transport helicopter for shares in the Novi Prvoborac company, airport equipment and “various documentation”.

The returned trainers will significantly boost Serbia’s operational fleet of G4s, which Flightglobal’s MiliCAS database lists at 14 aircraft. Montenegro had already donated it a simulator for the type.

Serbia hopes to conduct a modernisation programme for up to 15 Super Galebs. This should equip the aircraft with new avionics, communication and navigation equipment, and enable them to remain in use until around 2030.

The proposed G4MD programme would also add head-up displays, hands-on throttle and stick controls, guided weapons, targeting systems and countermeasures equipment.




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