Update: G-4 Super Galeb Transfer Deal

29 10 2010

Remaining two G4 Super Galeb aircraft land in Batajnica

Serbia plans to modernize its flight school with 15  modernized Super Galeb of the G-4 MD configuration and therefore prolong their service life by 2030.

The remaining two training – fighter jets Supergaleb G-4 landed at the airport Batajnica airport today, adhering to the Resources and Documents Exchange Agreement between the Serbian and Montenegrian governments, which was signed by Ministers of Defence Dragan Sutanovac and Boro Vucinic respectively on 14 April 2010.

Deputy Commander of SAF Air Force Brigadier General Sreto Malinovic praised the combined team of the Air Force for completing the task successfully. The members of the technical flight transport team were members of the Air Force Command, the 204th aviation base, of the Institute for Air Force Technical Overhaul “Moma Stanojlovic” and the Flight Testing Sector of the Technical Testing Center.

“This practically marks the implementation of last phase of the recently signed agreement between the two countries and our air force is now richer for six trainer-fighter G-4 air crafts. On behalf of the air force Commander and in my own name I would like to give you special recognition for the efforts and expertise of our technicians and pilots who safely transported all these air crafts from Niksic airfield in Montenegro landing them at the airport Batajnica – said General MalinovicThese aircraft will be subjected to general overhaul in Institute for Air Force Overhaul “Moma Stanojlovic” after which they will be included in the arms of our Air Force.

Source: Serbian Ministry of Defence



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