Pictures: 14th Slovenian ISAF Contingent Arrives in Afghanistan

3 11 2010

On Friday, 21 October, the main body of the 14th Slovenian ISAF Contingent arrived at US base in Shindad, western Afghanistan. They moved to Shindad from Herat to join the contingent’s advance party. Before their arrival, they took over duties from the 13th Slovenian Contingent and in the following days, before they assume the mentorship of the Afghan National Army (ANA), they will acquaint themselves with the unit and the area of responsibility.

With the final phase of training in early November, the 14th Slovenian Contingent will verify its readiness to assume mentorship within the area of responsibility.

The 14th Slovenian Contingent is composed of 88 members from different Slovenian Armed Forces units, and two civilian experts who will provide mentorship for members of ANA infantry battalion and combat support battalion. In addition, they will support and protect Operational Mentor and Liaison Teams (OMLT) and provide national logistic support. The contingent will operate as part of ISAF commands and the Regional Command West Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT). The OMLT and the support unit also include 11 members of the National Guard Colorado.

For its operation, the 14th Slovenian Contingent will use four 8×8 Svarun Middle Wheeled Armoured Vehicles, three 6×6 Valuk Light Wheeled Armoured Vehicles and eight 4×4 Hummer Light Wheeled Armoured Vehicles.  The main body of the contingent is stationed at a US base in Shindad, western Afghanistan, while some servicemembers work at Camp Arena and Camp Stone in Herat, and at ISAF Command in Kabul.

Source: Slovenian Ministry of Defence
Picture source: via Forums







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