Zastava Arms Now Available in New Zealand

5 11 2010

Zastava Arms products are now available in New Zealand through S.R. Marston & Co Ltd.

S.R. Marston & Co. is based in Christchurch, the South Island’s largest city, and operates from a Central City Warehouse.

Interestingly, Zastava Arms NZ offers a CZ 99 .22 cal. bolt-action rifle. Although the CZ99 designation is known in Serbia as a semi-auto handgun, in New Zealand its the designation for what Remington imported and marketed as the Z5 – .22 cal. bolt-action rifle.

Other models include:

M85 (Remington M799 – Mini-Mauser),
M70 (Remington 798 – LK M70),
M70 PS (Remington 798 – LK M70 Synthetic Stock) and
M70 PSS (Remington 798 – LK M70 Synthetic – Stainless Steel)

Check out Zastava Arms New Zealand at:



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