Zastava Arms Are Back in Australia

9 11 2010

Berretta Australia has brought Zastava rifles back into Australia after a long hiatus in Aussie gun shops.

Shops are taking orders now and according to the the Beretta Australia site the following models are available:

Zastava M70 Standard – [Download PDF]
Zastava M70 Standard Left-Handed [Download PDF]
Zastava M70 Synthetic Stock [Download PDF]
Zastava M85 Standard (Short Action) [Download PDF]
Zastava M85 Standard (Short Action) Left-Handed [Download PDF]
Zastava CZ99 Precision (Rimfire) [Download PDF]

Australian Shooter had this to say about the Zastava M85 in one of their reviews:

As one of the lightest (and the least expensive) rifles in the review, the little Zastava was a bit of a surprise package. All reviewers commented on the accuracy of this rifle, and the fact that it was not the least bit ‘ammo fussy’. Five-shot groups with hunting-type ammunition were in the order of 1.1 inches, and the premium stuff produced groups just under the inch. The lightweight barrel became very warm after only a few shots, but the point of impact did not vary. Interestingly, the muzzle end of the barrel was counter bored for about one inch, giving the impression of a much larger calibre. The bolt handle was quite small, and the Mauser-type action was a bit ‘scratchy’ in its operation. One would expect that this would improve with use, and some appropriate lubrication. It was suggested that the Zastava would make an excellent entry level rifle for a junior shooter, especially in this calibre. It would also make an excellent farm rifle for carrying in the cabin of a ute or light truck, due to its compact dimensions.




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