“Balkan Flash 2010” – Macedonian Army Live Fire Ex at Krivolak Kicks Off

10 11 2010

A distinguished Visitors Day was held today at the military range “Krivolak” in the framework of the exercise “Balkan Flash 2010”, where a tactical exercise was carried out with live firing “reinforced mechanized infantry battalion in attack”.

View more images and video HERE

In addition to the Mechanized Infantry Battalion from the composition of the first Mechanized Infantry Brigade, the Combat Helicopter Squadron (Mi-24) from the composition of the Aviation Wing, an Artillery-Rocket Battery from the composition of the Self-Propelled Artillery Battalion and units for logistic support also participated in the exercise. In addition to the practical application of tactics and procedures for carrying out offensive combat actions, in “Krivolak” they demonstrated their level of training in carrying out different types of firing from infantry and artillery weapons, and through the programme shooting they also showed close air support to the Mechanized Infantry Battalion.

The scenario of the exercise “Balkan Flash 2010” was without intention to represent some existing global situation or, some planned situation. According to the scenario, the events were happening in a fictional country Kamberija which is situated in the South Sea Region. Kamberija is a country composed of two provinces with a total population of three million citizens. With the Constitution from 1995 it is constituted as a new democratic country, with not a very strong central government, and in the period for transition with deep social and political divisions. The goal of the mission of the exercise was to prevent any type of violence between both sides and to provide conditions for returning displaced persons.

It represents a continuity of the exercises “Macedonian Flash” and during it NATO-Evaluation is being carried out LEVEL 2 – KREVAL. Over 1.200 members of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia participate on the exercise, and main participants are the declared Medium Infantry Battalion from the first Mechanized Infantry Brigade, the declared Military Police Company from the Military Police Battalion, the declared Company for Long-range Surveillance from the Special Operations Regiment, as well as the declared Helicopter Detachment from the Aviation Wing.

Source: Republic of Macedonia Ministry of Defence



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