Russia Delivers New Patrol Ship “Triglav” to Slovenian Navy

22 11 2010

The Russian Federation delivered a new patrol boat to the Slovenian navy at the port of Koper earlier this month.

The Svetlyak class patrol boat was placed under orders of Slovenian navy as part of a repayment of the USSR’s debt to the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The cost of “Triglav” is priced at 35 million dollars, while the total Russian debt to Slovenia is about 129 million dollars.

As a part of the Slovenian fleet, the ship is named “Triglav” in honor of the highest mountain point in Slovenia. The Slovenian navy expects the Triglav to carry out a variety of patrol missions to prevent violations of its maritime border, protect facilities from enemy surface and air attacks, to monitor exclusive economic zones, to protect natural resources areas and coastal lines of communications.

The Triglav was produced by the shipbuilding company “Almaz” who also designed and built another Svetlyak patrol boat for the Vietnamese navy.

Pictures and Videos From Slovenian Ministry of Defence: HERE

Source: Slovenian Ministry of Defence






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22 11 2010

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