Video: LASTA-95 Advanced Training Aircraft

26 11 2010

“LASTA-95” aircraft is designed for selection, initial and basic training of pilots, it offers low landing and takeoff speeds and pilot-friendly handling, forgiving potential errors by inexperienced pilots.

This training aircraft is distributed and marketed by the Serbian company YugoImport. In view of a domestic requirement and the potential for a strong export market, the Yugoslav government issued a directive to industry for the development of a new and highly maneuverable tandem-seat prop trainer. This was seen as a preferable option for the replacement of Utva 75, in use by the Yugoslav Air Force in the basic training role. The first prototype was completed by the spring of 1985. And, following completion of the initial testing phase, the first flight was achieved on September 2, 1985. Even at this stage the Lasta prototype has seen substantial changes; in the choice for a new propeller, changes in the weight and balance and an improved fuel and hydraulic system.

In January 1989, was issued a modified version – Lasta 2, a lighter, with shorter fuselage and a new electronics system including fire control Ferranti ISIS D-282. By early 1990s Utva, and her partner, have produced enough parts for the completion of 10 pre-production airframes. At the same time the Yugoslav Air Force has decided to cut the requirement to only 6 examples, and the remaining four were left unassembled and crated. The initial batch airframes received serials in the 54151 – 54156 range. Due to space and time constraints the Aviation Test Center, in Batajnica, could only accept 2 airframes for testing. These tests have established aircraft suitability and a recommendation for initial production was issued. With the early break-up of Yugoslavia, and the ensuing civil war, testing and production were abandoned and the airframes preserved at Utva factory in Pancevo. In late 2009, it was announced that Iraq would purchase 20 Lasta 95 aircraft. The Serbian Air Force is also interested in purchasing 16 Lasta 95’s. The first three Lasta 95s were transferred to Iraq on August 5, 2010.

With its specifications and updated avionics, the aircraft will ensure full pilot training for all elements of airplane application including:

• basic flying,
• figure flying,
• navigation flying,
• basic elements of night flying,
• category II instrumental flight,
• basic elements of gunning, rocketing and bombing (GRB)
• Light close air support of counterinsurgency operations and area patrol / light attack missions

Variants :
BASIC VERSION OF THE AIRCRAFT is built against the requirements for aerobatic category loads of
(nz_max = 6.0, nz_min = -3).

ARMED VERSION OF THE AIRCRAFT is built against the requirements for utility category with loads of
(nz_ max = 4.4, nz_ min = -1.8).




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