BRIC: Super Tucano’s to be Built and Operated by Serbia?

29 11 2010

Brazilian Super Tucano

Will Serbia be building and operating Super Tucano’s alongside Lasta-95’s?

Serbian Defence Minister of Defence Dragan Sutanovac and Brazilian Minister of Defence Nelson Jobim signed an agreement on cooperation in defence today, which will enable the development of bilateral cooperation, especially in military economy, education, military medicine, science and technology.

Sutanovac maintained that there is room for joint investment in the enhancement of the military industry, which can lead to their joint participation in the markets to which Serbia and Brazil deliver their products.

Serbia is interested in sharing experience in training for peacekeeping missions, as Brazil currently has over 2,200 soldiers in various missions throughout the world, Sutanovac noted.

He voiced his expectation that a military delegation from Brazil will visit Belgrade next year during the Partner show, an international exposition of weapons and military equipment, in order to contemplate possibilities for bilateral cooperation.

Jobim stressed that agreement has been reached to form a working group to define the specific details of cooperation, emphasising that Brazil is interested in cooperation between the Serbian and Brazilian military-technical institutes.



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