December 1 2010 Issue of Serbian Military Publication “Odbrana”

1 12 2010

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Defece Magazine Issue 1 Number 125 December:


Agreement between the Defence of Serbia and Brazil will enable the development of bilateral cooperation, particularly in the military economy, science and technology, military medicine and education, said Defense Minister Dragan Sutanovac after meeting with Brazilian counterpart in Belgrade.

At the meeting, Minister Sutanovac and Head of Delegation of the European Union’s ambassador to Serbia Degert discussed further European integration of Serbia.

After the earthquake in Kraljevo members of the Army of Serbia have undertaken measures to identify any damage to its facilities and began to repair the damage. It was found that the damage is small and is estimated at 131.4 million dinars.

Serbian President Boris Tadic said at a ceremony on the occasion of the Military Security Agency to the VBA expects to doing well in the future, because the safety of citizens and the security of the defense system, which should provide the security and the country, the priority of priorities.

The fact that we have four candidates for one vacant position of a professional soldier talks about returning respect and trust. We will have complete professionalism, and the fact that they had been present only professional soldiers suggests that this process will be completed by the end of the year – said the Minister of Defence Dragan Sutanovac at a ceremony in Nis on the occasion of the Army and of infantry.

With a new contract of $ 400 million value of export transactions the Serbian defense industry since 2007. year exceeds the amount of billions of dollars.

Diplomat and politician from the Norwegian Kai Eide gave a lecture on “The conflict in Afghanistan and its effects on political institutions – what have we learned?” Students of the School of National Defense and the Military Academy professors at the Center for Simulation and distance learning.

Theme of the National Action Plan for implementation of UN Resolution 1325 – Women, Peace and Security. Adoption of the document creating the atmosphere for the promotion of women’s role in the security sector, as well as their involvement in the peace process, bearing in mind
that the participation of women in conflict and post-conflict conditions contributes to better understanding the issues of peace.

According to this year’s results Gallup Balkan Monitor Research Serbian Army has replaced the church in the first place, that is, as a state institution, enjoyed the highest confidence in the previous three years. Since 2008. trust in the military grew from 63 to 73 percent in 2010. year.

In an interview DEFENCE Brigadier General Mirko Vranic, commander of the 204th aviation base about the results that the 2010th are the most successful year since the establishment of bases, procurement multirole combat aircraft, training pilots and other current topics Serbian military aviation.

Introducing the 250th air defense missile brigade. Commander Brigadier General Miodrag Gordić Battalion pointed out that firing should not be a precedent, but regular, annual activity. The new missile air defense system it is necessary to Serbian Army, but the procurement of new, existing modernize. Team spirit and proper attitude to duties, with training based on experience, are a recipe for success.

Barracks at the training ground “Back” in Backa Topola, members of the First Brigade of the Army of Serbia and the Fifth Brigade in Hungary demonstrated the organization of work at a checkpoint during her participation in the peacekeeping missions of the United Nations.

Day of the Military Technical Institute, Director Col. doc. Zoran Rajic said that now at the Institute for proposed roadmap of technological development in the next five years. This map is based on the medium-term plans of scientific research in the Ministry of Defence and availability.

From 16 November to 16 November is lined with the existence of the Central Logistics Base – 608th heir logistics bases Yugoslav Army General Staff. And each one is measured by millions of kilometers and tens of thousands of tons of cargo carry-over. In the past the base
successfully confirmed the place and role in the hierarchical system of logistic support to the Army of Serbia, as the central authority of supplier and submitted to the considerable burden of obligations organizational mobilization changes units of the Army since 2006. year.

For exercise Combined Endeavor 2010 in Germany, where the Serbian army participate equally for the second year, members of the brigade connection are included in the test teams and technical leadership composed of experts of certain technical areas responsible for achieving ambitious goals, which, in its own way, recognized high level of operability of the telecommunications and information systems and professional training of our “midfielder.”

Quality training of guide dogs and service dogs minotragačke is another confirmation that there are good conditions for the formation of the Regional Centre in Nis, in which to train military service dogs for the Army of Serbia and partner countries in the region. There is no doubt that the breeding and training of service dogs special purposes could represent one of the brands and our military and Nis, and a good and long term export business.

Brazil, the fifth largest country in the world, as measured by area and population, more is accepted as a global power. For such a position, to protect national sovereignty, defense of huge offshore oil fields and resources rich Amazon, Brazil has to rely on the national armed forces and their modernization.

Afghanistan, according to the results of the Lisbon summit of NATO, will be one of the moves to “reduce the front” too demanding tasks that are themselves members of the Alliance took over the tumultuous early years of the 21st century. The consequences of making Bush Jr. Administration to enter into armed conflict without a clear plan for ending the use of force, is now breaking the back of Obama’s administration, which has to accept the withdrawal of a better solution.

Military Museum in Belgrade ended the restoration of weapons. The collection of heavy weapons in the open, exposed to the Belgrade Fortress, one of the largest exhibition of its kind in Europe, known by exhibits and historical value items. It also contains several rarities, most notably Poland tanketa, the only copy in the world, and the Yugoslav tank T34B, that nowhere else does.

Quality spots for the campaign “Be a pro” is not behind the world standards. Can someone that does not like action video clips, as a matter of taste, but nobody can deny their Hollywood looks – said Lt. Col. Zoran Krupeza, director Vojnofilmskog center, which recently celebrated the 62nd anniversary.

Theme of the new feuilleton is religious extremism Kosovo separatists. Eid Aslanija arrest in the southern part of Kosovska Mitrovica, where the U.S. authorities have accused of supporting terrorists, raised again the issue of strengthening the influence of Islamic militancy in Kosovo and Metohija, his relationship with his Albanian extremists and the dangers threatening the Republic of Serbia, the Western Balkans and beyond .

From the sport interesting topic of three-dimensional archery. Unlike traditional metnog archery where archers shoots darts at a circular target, the three-dimensional archery all the more real, the competitive environment and how it is done to the target, and only the competition, most resembles a peaceful sport hunting in nature. Therefore, a growing number of fans of the sport, from cadets to veterans.

Special contribution in this issue – CODE OF HONOUR OF MEMBERS OF SERBIAN ARMED FORCES.

DEFENSE can be purchased at newsstands and FUTURE PRESS PLUS and the “Military book Vasina 22 in Belgrade at a price of 100 dinars.



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