Serbian Lasta-75 Example of Sudan’s Military Might

7 12 2010

Sudanese Safat-03 with Serbian pilot?

Recently, Sudan’s president Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir touted the building of Sudan’s new Safat 03 aircraft as his nations first example of a domestically manufactured airplane built at the Safat Aviation Complex in Khartoum State with the help of Chinese and Russian experts.

Serbian UTVA-75

Upon further investigation and by comparing the photo shopped image (1. White pilot, 2. Pine trees in background) from the Safat website – The Safat 03 is actually a Serbian manufactured UTVA-75.

A compact, piston engined, basic military trainer aircraft manufactured by UTVA of Serbia, the Safat 03 or UTVA 75 aircraft in the video and pics found around the web were delivered to Sudan at an earlier date and repainted in Sudanese colors.

What we do know is that the Safat 03 isn’t an entirely new aircraft built by Sudan but only a modification (i.e. new paint, new cockpit layout and aerodynamic improvements) of the Serbian UTVA-75’s by Safat Aviation.



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