Zastava Arms Ready to Overhaul 149 Tanks for Kuwait

17 01 2011

At a Kuwaiti-manned outpost during Operation Desert Shield, a Kuwaiti M-84 MBT demonstrates its ability to lay a smoke screen.

Serbian arms factory “Zastava Arms” of Kragujevac is ready to engage in the overhaul and modernization of 149 M-84 tanks the former Yugoslavia exported to Kuwait.

The value of this work is expected to total around 400 million USD and if implemented will include the participation of more companies from Serbia and the region.

Zastava Arms factory director Rade Gromović said that “Zastava” participated in the production of the Kuwaiti tanks as a weapons supplier of the 12.7 mm heavy machine gun and anti-aircraft machine guns.

“We are, as the actual manufacturer of the item and are ready to overhaul the domain of the sub-weapons as a full participant with our strategic partner Jugoimport SDPR, which will be the holder of this work” -Gromović said.

He said that the Kragujevac factory of arms is an accredited and licensed supplier of UN forces in arms and military equipment.

“This market covers peacekeeping forces in the Middle East, Iraq, Afghanistan and African countries” -said Gromović.

Gromović pointed out that the foreign market is a great interest for the company’s long range sniper rifle automatic “Black Arrow”, whose 2011 production is already pre-sold.

In addition to the Serbian Army (VS), which commissioned the development and procurement of the “Black Arrow” .50 cal. sniper rifles, there are contractual terms with the Ministry of Defence of Indonesia, the Jordanian Ministry of Police and several other countries making 2011 planned production of the rifle pre-sold.

In 2011, “Zastava Arms” will continue to equip the Serbian military with M 21 automatic rifles noting that “as the Serbian army adopted the rifle raises a very important reference for all potential buyers in the world.”

Source: eKapija



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