Feb. 2011 Issue of Serbian Military Publication “Odbrana”

2 02 2011

In this issue:

Lieutenant General Miloje Miletic, chief of staff, in an interview with National Day and the Day of the Army of Serbia, said that in any professional army in front of the waist and above the particular and personal interest. This is the essence of professionalism, and when it comes to the essence – no compromise! In our often superficial and incorrect understanding the concept of democratic civilian control of the military. This does not mean that the Army allowed the influence of daily politics in its structure. On the contrary, the Serbian Army is depoliticized. Established, on the one hand, the autonomy of the military profession in relation to political power in society, and the other is the fact that the Army as an institution not involved in politics.

The fifth international fair of arms and military equipment “Partner 2011” will take place at Belgrade Fair from 28 June to 1 July. Sponsor of the event, the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia, co Jugoimport-SDPR, and executive organizer Belgrade Fair.

The day was marked by the Media Center’s “defense” – 24 January. In the reorganization and rationalization of the Ministry of Defense completed the process of integrating news and information and publishing activities in the defense system, said Director Lieutenant Slavoljub Markovic, adding that this move functionally related available human and material resources.
Serbian Army Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General laid a Miloje Miletic laid a wreath at the tomb of Živojin Misic at Belgrade’s New Cemetery, marking the 90th anniversary of the death of the famous Serbian general.

The first of the Serbian Army, which is declared as the Company prepares to participate in multinational peacekeeping operations, is a motorized-infantry squad from the 31. Third Brigade of the Army, formed by personnel from the composition of the 31st 32 Infantry, 39 logistic and 310 Engineering Battalion. Special attention in the selection of personnel dedicated to the professional, linguistic and psychological and physical abilities of personnel and the training of declared companies began
18.February last year.

Military Academy cadets Sandra Radovanovic, Aleksandar Živak recently at a military airport in Batajnica first time flying alone on a school jet-fighter Supergaleb aircraft G-4.

Completed another training for professional soldiers in the 63rd parachute battalion. The data shows that it is easy to become a professional soldier in the Serbian Army and special units of the competition is fierce. Following strict health and security checks, candidates awaiting demanding and exhausting parachute training.

National and international security can be faced with the unexpected form of threat – the terrorist organizations and movements around the world start using their weapons of mass destruction. This fact motivates Krusevac “Wahabbists” to continue to enhance its operational capabilities and develop concepts to respond to various accidents and incidents in peace and war, which would provide a modest, but no insignificant contribution to local, regional and world peace and stability.

Mirjana Barac and Svetlana Sakic, members of the Serbian Army Guard, confirmed that women can successfully fulfill the tasks and duties of soldiers. Together with his colleagues they cleared the way of full equality for women, until recently, a man’s world.

One of the most important factors for the future of the world’s energy. This is particularly important given that it entered a period of rising deficits and demand for major energy products. Therefore, the analysis of the anticipated development of consumption and production of oil and gas in the world is important to discover the causal development of geopolitics in the following decades.

After the first flight of a Chinese fighter became a media sensation because it raises the issue of global relations, which is irrelevant to whether China will soon have not only mass but also modern military force.

On the eve of the anniversary celebration – 60 years of establishment and release of the first number on the Internet, at http://www.vtg.mod.gov.rs, published the first electronic edition of the Military Technical

Dealing with archery at the Military Academy is one of the extracurricular activities. When finished, go to the training and enthusiasm to build success – says Colonel Mitja Grgic, coach of the most successful sports teams in the Serbian Army, the Shooting Club Akademac.

Cadet Stevan Stojanovic a judoist was declared the best athlete of the Serbian Army in 2010 and says his goal this year to defend the title and qualify for the World Military Games in Rio de Janeiro.

DEFENSE can be purchased at newsstands and FUTURE PRESS PLUS and the “military book” Vasina 22 street in Belgrade at a price of 100 dinars.



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