Unfit for a Refit: Croatia to Scrap Eight MiG-21’s

14 02 2011

Source: Croatian Times

The Croatian air force can say goodbye to at least eight of their fighter MIG 21s, Russian experts said after their 10-day trip to Croatia.

Experts from the MiG company in Russia visited Croatia to determine if and how many of Croatia’s fighter planes could be modernized.

Part of the Croatian fleet is in a working condition and with a bit of a “makeover” could be used for another decade. But only those planes that were overhauled eight years ago in Romania and manufactured before 1975 would qualify for a face lift.

According to the documents that are in Jutarnji List’s possession, the Croatian air force currently has 10 MIG planes that were overhauled in Romania and eight that were not since their arrival to Croatia in 1990, the daily writes.



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