Sretenje 2011 – Serbian Army Day – MEGA PHOTO POST

19 02 2011

As ‘Your One Stop Shot’ for all news related to Balkan militaries in English we were wondering how to cover Serbia’s recent celebration of its military.

We’ve come up with this:

1. Balkan Monitor presents this MEGA PHOTO POST of all the news related to Usce 2011.

2. We will run further posts featuring videos and then documents.

3. We hope to consolodate all the posts and make a page for it archiving the material we collected.


Sretenje 2011 – MEGA PHOTO POST

On the occasion of the Serbian Army Day – 15 February, a demonstration of preparedness and equipment of the Serbian Army “Usce 2011” was held at 11.00 on 13 February at Usce, in the Park of Peace and Friendship.
The demonstration exercise was performed by members of the special brigade, river flotilla, air forces, antiaircraft defence, army police and other units of the Serbian Army.

New M-10 Digital Uniform Pictures

As most of the searches coming to Balkan Monitor are concerning the new M-10 Digital Uniform – Here are some great pictures –

Click to view larger photos:

External Photo Galleries

Serbian MoD Album

Wikipedia Discussion (35 Photos)

SaleSrb Photobucket Album (109 Photos)

Lancia 88 Gallery

Glupan Tupan Picasa Album

Damis Mari Picasa Album




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