Montenegro Soldiers Conduct Mountain Operations Training in Austria

23 02 2011

Source: Montenegro MoD

As part of bilateral cooperation with the Armed Forces of Austria from 1 to 22 February 2011 ten members of Montenegrian Mountain Brigade completed the Military Mountaineer Winter Course hosted by the Austrian Armed Forces. The course was implemented at the Center for mountain warfare in Salfelden utilizing the latest methods and technical achievements for training in winter conditions.

Instructors of this prestigious center trained Montenegrin soldiers in the skills of nordic skiing and rock-climbing. During the course members of the Montenegrin mountain brigade trained for mission’s in mountainous terrain.

The soldiers of the Montenegin armed forces were transported to Austria were organized by Austrian light transport aircraft “PILATUS” PC-6.

Members of the Army of Montenegro were very satisfied with the acceptance by the Austrian counterparts, as well as the organization of the course.


Montenegro’s Mountain Battalion is located in the the town of Pljevlja in the “Vladimir Knezevic Volodja” garrison and in the town of Kolasin” Breza” garrison.

In organizational terms, the battalion consists of two mountain troops, command and supporting units, and a mountain-scouting department. The logistics department is supported by logistic bases for training and support, and the garrison clinic in Pljevlja composed of two doctors and a medical technician.



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