Serbian Arms Industry Hot Item at IDEX 2011

26 02 2011


At the 10th International Defence Exhibition and Conference held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, Serbian state-owned Yugoimport-SDPR (Hall 12, Stand C25) is emphasising its wide range of capabilities at IDEX this year, including the Lazar (8×8) multirole armoured vehicle, Atlas 25km range missile and an expanding range of self-propelled (SP) artillery systems.

Its most powerful SP artillery system is the NORA B-52 155mm truck-mounted gun howitzer, which has already been produced in production quantities. This is based on a 8×8 cross-country truck chassis, on the rear of which is mounted a turret armed with a 155mm 52 calibre weapon, which is traversed to the front for travelling and fi res over the rear arc when deployed.

The NORA B-52 is provided with a total of 36 rounds of separate loading 155mm ammunition (projectile and charge). The installation of an automatic loading system, which fi rst loads the 155mm projectile and then the charge system, enables a high rate of fi re to be achieved.

Maximum range depends on the projectile/charge combination, but fi ring an extended range full bore base bleed projectile, a range of 41.2km can be obtained.

Future ammunition improvements include a velocity enhanced projectile, which will have a range of up to 65km, and a laser-guided artillery projectile for precision effect. This system takes only one minute to come into action and a similar time to come out of action, which increases its survivability against counter-battery fire.

Standard equipment includes a computerised fi re control system and a land navigation system. Ballistic protection is provided for the crew and weapon against small arms fi re, shell splinters and some mines.

Combat weight is 34 tonnes, with the 410hp diesel engine giving a maximum road speed of 80km/h and an operating range of up to 1,000km.

A lighter version without the armour protection system is called the NORA B-52-KE, with a combat weight of 27.4 tonnes.



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