IDEX 2011 – Croatian Helmets for Egyptian and South African Armies – Uniforms and Vests for Kuwaiti Police

28 02 2011


As a result of its hard work at the IDEX 2011 international defence industry fair in Abu Dhabi, select industries from Croatia have signed contracts to deliver seven thousand helmets for the Egyptian Army, five thousand helmets to South Africa and for the Kuwaiti police forty thousand Croatian made uniforms and bullet-proof vests.

The Croatian Chamber of Commerce (CCC) reported that the company Šestan-Busch from Prelog, Croatia concluded a four-year contract to equip the Egyptian army with seven thousand helmets, and an order of five thousand helmets for South Africa. Another firm, Kroko International from Zagreb, concluded  a contract for the delivery of more than 40 thousand uniforms for the Kuwaiti special police and five thousand armored vests.

Work for the Afghan National Army

While Croatian companies were making new deals and contacts, the Croatian Minister of Defence Davor Bozinovic announced that Croatia was ready  to donate a certain amount of its new and used personal weapons and military equipment to the Afghan National Army (ANA) after meeting with the Afghan ministries of Defense and Internal Affairs and Staff of the Afghan army. According to the Ministry of Defence, Afghan Deputy Defense Minister General Hamayun Fauzi expressed an interest in these products.

At IDEX 2011 the following Croatian companies were present:



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