Impact of Libyan Sanctions on Serbia

1 03 2011

For a while now Serbia does not export weapons to Libya, which means that the impact of UN sanctions/embargo on exporting arms and military equipment to Libya will have a very limited impact on Serbia.

Serbia’s time of exporting arms to Libya passed with the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia when once upon a time Yugoslavia sold to Libya some 140 “Galeb” and “Jastreb” aircraft produced in Yugoslavia produced .

Currently, the Libyan air-force has retired their “Jastreb” fleet  while the remaining 80 “Galeb G-2” units, that were refit by Serbia in 2008, are mainly used for training.

Serbian Infrastructure Projects in Libya

Where Serbian companies may face some setbacks is in the building of a large military hospital in Libya, which once built, was to initially be under Serbian management while Libyan doctors and other medical personnel attended school in Serbia.

Another plan that has been stopped in its tracks is the construction of three military factories, one in Libya and the other two in neighboring North African nations.

Impact on Other Nations – Montenegro

Meanwhile, UN sanctions on Libya are expected to effect Montenegro’s defense industry, particularly “Arsenal” of Tivat engaged in the overhaul of Libyan warships.



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