BiH Armed Forces and RS Mountain Rescue Perform Successful SAR Excercise

2 03 2011


Members of the BiH Armed Forces and the Mountain Rescue Service of the Republic of Srpska performed a successful rescue exercise on Mount Jahorina. For the exercise three helicopters, Mi-8,-Gazelle-UH1N from the BiH Armed Forces were used.

According the the BiH brigade commander of air forces , Colonel Zoran Dunović. “… one of the priority tasks of the Armed Forces is search and rescue in all weather conditions and today’s exercise, which was performed flawlessly demonstrated a high degree of training of the members of the Armed Forces and the Serbian Republic’s Mountain Rescue Service operating in Jahorina, ”


The exercise was conducted in conjunction with civilian structures dedicated to operations in complex winter conditions at an altitude above 1700 meters.

“Previous cooperation of the armed forces and the civil sector in BiH is very good, and we showed in the summer when we trained together rescue from fire and flood,”  Dunović told reporters.


He added that the modernization of aircraft and training is a top priority for the BiH air forces.

Miro Kalem, head of the Mountain Rescue Service Jahorina explained that this action simulated the rescue of three people who were lost due to bad weather in inaccessible mountain areas.

Kalem added that “The operation was performed very successfully and quickly, according to a joint plan of the Armed Forces and mountain rescue services,”




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