Eurofighter Typhoon Set to be Serbia’s New Fighter?

7 03 2011

TangoSixBlog reports that the Eurofighter Typhoon has been put on the “extended wish list Serbian Air Force and unofficially placed on the upper part of the list.”

Back in June of 2010, Flight Global reported that Serbian officials were interested in the Eurofighter as it looked at possible candidates for a domestic fighter requirement likely to total around 20 aircraft.

In the Tango Six reports, it looks as if this interest is and “wish list” is currently being staffed up through the Serbian Air Force Command for further analysis by other departments in one of Serbia’s largest public procurement’s in history.

This is an interesting development as it came out at the same time that:

1. The UK announced that it would support Serbia’s EU membership ambitions by ratifying the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) between the EU and Serbia. and

2. The Serbian and UK General Staff’s met in Belgrade to work on bilateral cooperation between the Serbian Armed Forces and the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom.




One response

29 06 2011

I still don’t see this happening, and if it does, I say we through a coup considering the price of this aircraft. Especially when Serbia knows upgraded Su-27’s through Su-35’s in the Russian inventory are about to start retiring due to the Suhkoi PAK FA. I would much prefer the 3D thrust vectoring, and Passive ESAR Radar to the active one found on the Typhoon, plus the 3D Thrust Vectoring can out maneuver the hell out of thise over priced P.O.S., not to mention that all the “stealthy” secrets will more than likely be kept out of Serbia’s hands. Im telling you guys, don’t sleep on them Suhkoi’s, once this bureaucratic government leaves office in Serbia, our ties with Russia will be back to normal, not to mention we could easily convert our factories to built the Su-27 for Russia, so they can focus on the PAK FA, so we could theoretically keep the export market open for their 4++ caliber aircraft.

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