Janes Defence Weekly Features B-52 NORA Self-Propelled Artillery

12 03 2011

British military magazine “Jane’s Defence Weekly” published fairly lengthy article dedicated to the resurgent Serbian defence industry. Featured in the article were Serbia’s newly developed NORA B-52 self-propelled howitzer, the “Lazar” armored personnel carrier and “Alas” missiles.

Some facts featured by Janes regarding the the B-52 NORA

  • Equipped with 36 – 155mm projectiles
  • Automatic charging system ensuring high rate of fire.
  • Maximum range of up to 41.2 kilometers.
  • Future ammunition for the NORA will reach 65 kilometers and a laser-guided projectiles.
  • The NOR B-52 only takes a minute to deploy greatly increasing the chances of avoiding return fire from the enemy.
  • Includes computerized control system and GPS.
  • Crew and weapons are protected by armor providing protection from small caliber bullets, shrapnel and mines.
  • Combat weight of 34 tons
  • 410 horsepower diesel engine with maximum speed of 80 kph and an operating range of up to 1000 kilometers.



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