Croatian Airforce Completes EU Nordic Battle Group Training

12 03 2011

Source: MORH

A three-day training of surviving of members of the Croatian Armed Forces participating in the EU Nordic battle group completed today, March 10, in the Lucko barracks.

The course was conducted by instructors from the Swedish Air Force, and the participants were members of the multi-role helicopter squadron of the 91st Air Force Base, medical team and a national support element of the Support Command, and members of the Special Operations Battalion (BSD).

Topics of the course were the harmonization of standard operating procedures in the event of an aircraft crash on enemy territory with the aim of survival and rescue of crew members and passengers.

The course leader Major Jörgen Erixon expressed his satisfaction with the organization of the course, and the interest and active participation of CAF members. The course was successfully completed by 31 participants.


Croatian CANADAIR CL-415 Fight Fires Near Zadar

8 03 2011

Source: OSRH

On 3rd March 2011 Croatian Canadair CL-415’s from the 93rd Air Force and Air Defence Firefighting Squadron engaged in fire suppression activities near Smoković-Gornja Murvica in Zadar County.

Although the fire broke out in inaccessible terrain due to landmines left over from the 1990’s war, the Canadair waterbombers managed to put out the fire in a matter of hours. In February, the Croatian Firefighting Squadron participated in 16 fire suppression activities.

Croatian ISAF Troops Targeted By IEDs

8 03 2011

Source: MORH

On March 5th 2011, nine members of 16th Croatian ISAF contingent moving between two camps in the northern part of the country were targeted by an improvised explosive device (IED) placed along the road.

According to Croatian authorities, none of the members of the Croatian OMLT team were injured, nor did the IED damage the MRAP’s being used by the members of the Croatian Armed Forces in Afghanistan.

IDEX 2011 – Croatian Helmets for Egyptian and South African Armies – Uniforms and Vests for Kuwaiti Police

28 02 2011


As a result of its hard work at the IDEX 2011 international defence industry fair in Abu Dhabi, select industries from Croatia have signed contracts to deliver seven thousand helmets for the Egyptian Army, five thousand helmets to South Africa and for the Kuwaiti police forty thousand Croatian made uniforms and bullet-proof vests.

The Croatian Chamber of Commerce (CCC) reported that the company Šestan-Busch from Prelog, Croatia concluded a four-year contract to equip the Egyptian army with seven thousand helmets, and an order of five thousand helmets for South Africa. Another firm, Kroko International from Zagreb, concluded  a contract for the delivery of more than 40 thousand uniforms for the Kuwaiti special police and five thousand armored vests.

Work for the Afghan National Army

While Croatian companies were making new deals and contacts, the Croatian Minister of Defence Davor Bozinovic announced that Croatia was ready  to donate a certain amount of its new and used personal weapons and military equipment to the Afghan National Army (ANA) after meeting with the Afghan ministries of Defense and Internal Affairs and Staff of the Afghan army. According to the Ministry of Defence, Afghan Deputy Defense Minister General Hamayun Fauzi expressed an interest in these products.

At IDEX 2011 the following Croatian companies were present:

Croatian Army in Firefight With Taliban

24 02 2011

The recording above was broadcast on Croatian TV “24 Hours” showing Croatian troops, alongside Afghan National Army troops, in Afghanistan engaged in a firefight.

This recording caused some in Croatia to question whether Croatian troops deployed in Afghanistan a mere observers or full fledged combatants. Some Croatian soldiers who have returned from Afghanistan secretly voiced their opinion that Croatian soldiers should not be involved in such combat actions and that the Croatian government and military hides these types of videos from the Croatian public.

Officially, the task of the Croatian army deployed in Afghanistan is to mentor, supervise and train the Afghan army. Some in Croatia feel that having Croatian soldiers involved in direct combat actions is contrary to what the Croatian public is willing to accept.

Croatian Canadair CL-415 Water Bombers Back in Action

24 02 2011

Croatian Canadair CL 415-from the  Fire Fighter Squadron (PPE) 93 Air Force Base and the Air Force were dispatched in the Split-Dalmatia County to extinguish fires near the Srinjane-Sirotković areas.

Earlier this month on February 4, 2011 Croatian Canadair’s were engaged in fire-fighting activities at the fire sites of Dubrava in Cetina Canyon and Svinca near Marina in Split-Dalmatia County as well as Žaborić in Šibenik-Knin County. One Mi-8MTV helicopter was engaged in fire suppression activities at the fire site of Sveti Nofar – Kaštele in Split-Dalmatia County.

On February 6, 2011 two Air Tractors AT-802 A and one Canadair CL-415 were also engaged in fire fighting at the fire site of Prugovo-Moseć.

On February 7, 2011 one Canadair CL-415 from the 93rd Air Force and Air Defence Firefighting Squadron participated in fire suppression in Kruščica Bay on the island of Brač in Split-Dalmatia County. The fire was extinguished at 11 o’clock. One Canadair CL-415 participated in fire suppression activities at another fire site of Moseć-vrh Umac in Šibenik-Knin County. The fire was localized at 1 o’clock.

New Video and Audio of Mid-Air Collision Between Two Croatian MiG Fighters

19 02 2011

Video 1 - Click to View Video

Video 2 - Click to View Video

The destruction of two MIG-21 aircraft, in an accident that occurred 23rd September on the military installation in Slunj Croatia, was caused by a combination of adverse weather conditions and human factors. That is the conclusion of the defense ministry committee to determine the cause of the accident presented to reporters at the Croatian Ministry of Defence.

The conclusion of the Commission was that due to adverse weather conditions the pilots of the two aircraft did not fly as to the planned positions of the flight resulting in a mid-air collision of the two aircraft.


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