Pics: Military of Montenegro Opens Exercise ‘Odlucan Korak’

27 09 2011

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Montenegrin Army Mountain Battalion Conduct Joint Ex “VRANJAK 2011”

4 03 2011

Members of the Montenegrin Army Mountain Battalion recently conducted Exercise  “VRANJAK 2011” in and around Vranjak, Kolasin (Montenegro).

The theme for the exercise was “scout patrols and ambushes”, mountain living and survival in the mountains. Conducting the exercise the Recon Group of the Montenegrin Army Mountain Battalion demonstrated ambushes, support for rapid reaction forces and evacuation procedures of personnel injured by avalanche by way of snowmobile.

The exercises are observed by members of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia who participated in joint ski training with the Montenegrin Army.

This exercise demonstrated the Mountain Battalion’s effectiveness in the domain of special operations in winter conditions.

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Montenegro Army Special Forces Brigade Conduct Exercise KRNOVO 2011

4 03 2011

Recently the Montenegrin Army Special Forces Brigade which includes: Special Forces platoon and the Reconnaissance Division infantry battalions, performed exercises in the Krnovo region of Vučja in Montenegro.

Ex KRNOVO 2011 was meant to exercise the Montenegrin SF troops “reconnaissance patrols in an ambush, ” mountain operations, winter survival and intelligence gathering.
The exercise also demonstrated the high level of training of Montenegro’s Army SF Brigade for executing tasks within the domain of the SF.


Military of Montenegro Partner Magazine – January 2011 Issue

4 03 2011

Montenegro Soldiers Conduct Mountain Operations Training in Austria

23 02 2011

Source: Montenegro MoD

As part of bilateral cooperation with the Armed Forces of Austria from 1 to 22 February 2011 ten members of Montenegrian Mountain Brigade completed the Military Mountaineer Winter Course hosted by the Austrian Armed Forces. The course was implemented at the Center for mountain warfare in Salfelden utilizing the latest methods and technical achievements for training in winter conditions.

Instructors of this prestigious center trained Montenegrin soldiers in the skills of nordic skiing and rock-climbing. During the course members of the Montenegrin mountain brigade trained for mission’s in mountainous terrain.

The soldiers of the Montenegin armed forces were transported to Austria were organized by Austrian light transport aircraft “PILATUS” PC-6.

Members of the Army of Montenegro were very satisfied with the acceptance by the Austrian counterparts, as well as the organization of the course.


Montenegro’s Mountain Battalion is located in the the town of Pljevlja in the “Vladimir Knezevic Volodja” garrison and in the town of Kolasin” Breza” garrison.

In organizational terms, the battalion consists of two mountain troops, command and supporting units, and a mountain-scouting department. The logistics department is supported by logistic bases for training and support, and the garrison clinic in Pljevlja composed of two doctors and a medical technician.

Montenegrian Special Police Unit Hunts For More Funds and Equipment

21 02 2011

According to this video the Montenegrian Special Police Unit is looking to aquire more policemen, funds and equipment all in preperation for Monenegro’s eventual membership and responsibilities as an EU member.

From the video”

Used for restoring order during large scale events.

Capturing suspects in enclosed areas and on the move. These are some of the jobs of the 150 man special police units of the Montenegrian police.


Montenegro New Aircraft Colour Schemes

21 02 2011


Although the main story of this video seems to be about the Military of Montenegro’s disposal of 70,000 tonnes of unstable and excess munitions in its possession – What is interesting is the new colour scheme of the the Yugoslav-built Gazelle helicopters that have recently been refurbished in Banja Luka – Republika Srpska.

According to the video the Montenegrian military currently has 6 newly refurbished helicopters and another 3 slated for refit in Republika Srpska. To refurbish these helo’s the Montenegrian military has paid up to 250,000 Euro’s for each unit extending the service life of these aircraft for another 12 years. According to the commander of the Golubovici airbase the Montenegrin military is expected to acquire medium transport helicopters needed for future missions of the Montenegrin forces.

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