Croatian ISAF Troops Targeted By IEDs

8 03 2011

Source: MORH

On March 5th 2011, nine members of 16th Croatian ISAF contingent moving between two camps in the northern part of the country were targeted by an improvised explosive device (IED) placed along the road.

According to Croatian authorities, none of the members of the Croatian OMLT team were injured, nor did the IED damage the MRAP’s being used by the members of the Croatian Armed Forces in Afghanistan.


Croatian Army in Firefight With Taliban

24 02 2011

The recording above was broadcast on Croatian TV “24 Hours” showing Croatian troops, alongside Afghan National Army troops, in Afghanistan engaged in a firefight.

This recording caused some in Croatia to question whether Croatian troops deployed in Afghanistan a mere observers or full fledged combatants. Some Croatian soldiers who have returned from Afghanistan secretly voiced their opinion that Croatian soldiers should not be involved in such combat actions and that the Croatian government and military hides these types of videos from the Croatian public.

Officially, the task of the Croatian army deployed in Afghanistan is to mentor, supervise and train the Afghan army. Some in Croatia feel that having Croatian soldiers involved in direct combat actions is contrary to what the Croatian public is willing to accept.

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