Pics: Military of Montenegro Opens Exercise ‘Odlucan Korak’

27 09 2011

View more pictures here: Military of Montenegro Picasa Album


Military of Montenegro Partner Magazine – January 2011 Issue

4 03 2011

Reports: Military of Montenegro – Issue #30 – Partner

3 11 2010

Issue #30 of Montenegrin military magazine – “Partner”

Update: G-4 Super Galeb Transfer Deal

29 10 2010

Remaining two G4 Super Galeb aircraft land in Batajnica

Serbia plans to modernize its flight school with 15  modernized Super Galeb of the G-4 MD configuration and therefore prolong their service life by 2030.

The remaining two training – fighter jets Supergaleb G-4 landed at the airport Batajnica airport today, adhering to the Resources and Documents Exchange Agreement between the Serbian and Montenegrian governments, which was signed by Ministers of Defence Dragan Sutanovac and Boro Vucinic respectively on 14 April 2010.

Deputy Commander of SAF Air Force Brigadier General Sreto Malinovic praised the combined team of the Air Force for completing the task successfully. The members of the technical flight transport team were members of the Air Force Command, the 204th aviation base, of the Institute for Air Force Technical Overhaul “Moma Stanojlovic” and the Flight Testing Sector of the Technical Testing Center.

“This practically marks the implementation of last phase of the recently signed agreement between the two countries and our air force is now richer for six trainer-fighter G-4 air crafts. On behalf of the air force Commander and in my own name I would like to give you special recognition for the efforts and expertise of our technicians and pilots who safely transported all these air crafts from Niksic airfield in Montenegro landing them at the airport Batajnica – said General MalinovicThese aircraft will be subjected to general overhaul in Institute for Air Force Overhaul “Moma Stanojlovic” after which they will be included in the arms of our Air Force.

Source: Serbian Ministry of Defence

Serbia Takes Delivery of Two More Super Galeb trainers from Montenegro

27 10 2010

Burmese G-4 Super Galeb, seen before delivery at Mostar airfield in what is now Bosnia and Hercegovina. 1980's

Serbia’s air force has taken delivery of four Soko G4 Super Galeb advanced jet trainers from Montenegro, with a further two to be transferred soon.

Part of a 17-strong fleet left at Podgorica air base following the two states’ separation earlier this decade, the aircraft had been in dispute for nearly four years.

Under an agreement signed in April, Montenegro will exchange six G4s and some spare parts for the Mil Mi-8 transport helicopter for shares in the Novi Prvoborac company, airport equipment and “various documentation”.

The returned trainers will significantly boost Serbia’s operational fleet of G4s, which Flightglobal’s MiliCAS database lists at 14 aircraft. Montenegro had already donated it a simulator for the type.

Serbia hopes to conduct a modernisation programme for up to 15 Super Galebs. This should equip the aircraft with new avionics, communication and navigation equipment, and enable them to remain in use until around 2030.

The proposed G4MD programme would also add head-up displays, hands-on throttle and stick controls, guided weapons, targeting systems and countermeasures equipment.


Montenegro Returns Two of Six G-4 Galeb Aircraft to Serbia

21 10 2010

PODGORICA – The Serbian Ministry of Defense and the Army of Serbia took back two of six G-4 Super-Galeb aircraft from Montenegro. The G-4 Super Galeb is a single engine, advanced jet trainer aircraft designed and built by Yugoslavia. It was first flown on 17 July 1978 with serial production beginning in 1982. It was designed to replace the G-2 Galeb and Lockheed T-33 in the Yugoslav Air Force.

Spokesman of the Serbian Ministry of Defence stated that the remaining four aircraft will be deliverd to the Serbian Ministry of Defense on November 5th 2010, if weather conditions remain satisfactory.

Latkovic said that the first two aircraft were taken by the Serbian Ministry of Defense and the pilots of the Army of Serbia. Prior to leaving for Batajnica, Serbia from Golubovci, Montenegro, a test flight was conducted along with a detailed technical review of both aircraft.

The six aircraft in question were part of arrangements made between Serbia and Montenegro regarding the sharing of resources and documentation between the two countries signed on the 14th of April in Belgrade.

This agreement relates to the exchange of six Super-Galeb – G4 aircraft and parts for the repair of helicopters MI-8 after Serbia and Montenegro split and became independent nations.

Source: Kurir

Afghanistan: Montenegrian soldiers leave for ISAF mission

9 03 2010

Tanjug reported today that an infantry platoon of 25 Montenegrin soldiers will be joining Hungarian and Croatian PRT in Pol-e Khomri Afghanistan today.

Headed by two officers in regional command and one logistics officer the Montenegrians are also sending a three person medical team.

Here is a number of video’s of Montenegrian TV covering preparations for the deployment:

Note: Looks like they’re wearing something similar to MuliCam. More pics here: LINK

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